The Construction Employers Coordinating Council of Ontario (CECCO) was established in 1979 by the unionized construction industry to coordinate collective bargaining on behalf of designated Employer Bargaining Agencies responsible for the negotiation of province-wide single-trade agreements applicable to the ICI sectors of the construction industry.

CECCO also serves as a common voice for unionized contractors on a wide range of issues including legislative reform and labour relations practices. CECCO is managed by an elected executive Committee who in turn appoint an Executive Negotiations Committee.


The Construction Employers Council of Ontario (CECCO) is a Council that represents twenty-two trade employer bargaining agencies in the I.C.I. construction sector, totaling 8,000 trade and general contractors and employing in excess of 80,000 workers throughout the province.

Vision and Mission


Management working in harmony with Labour for the advancement of the I.C.I. unionized construction industry


To be recognized as Managements voice for unionized I.C.I. Construction and to assist members in remaining competitive in an ever-changing environment

About Cecco

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (I.C.I.) Construction is a significant foundation when one considers the health of the Ontario economy. The united strength of the contractors and their related unions, their employers and their employees is key to the base of this foundation. The strength of this foundation benefits not only the parties, but Ontario and Canada’s economy.

The Construction Employers Coordinating Council of Ontario
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